Mike Pero insurance for Advisers

Nobody likes to think about accidents and unforeseen events, but sadly they're a part of life. Thinking ahead and ensuring you have the right insurance can help protect your home, business, partner or family and help take the worry out of everyday life.

Mike Pero insurance refers to the insurance policy, and is arranged by Aon New Zealand as the broker. The insurer for the respective policy can be found in the policy wording or on your policy schedule.

Provide your clients with a premier insurance product at an affordable price with excellent claims service

With the large volume of customers we have with a variety of insurers, Mike Pero Insurance provides a wide range of insurance products at a competitive price. Claims are handled directly by the insurer so if your client has any problems, they can contact us to lodge a claim and a dedicated claims handler will be appointed who will process their claim from start to finish, assisting your client until the claim is finalised.


Effective 1st June 2018 for monthly renewable policies.
Effective 1st June 2018 for annual policies (upon individual renewal dates)
Following a recent review, Vero need to implement some product changes on the Motor Vehicle policy to help keep their business sustainable.

Some of the changes include the introduction of a windscreen and window glass excess and a new claim notification process.

For full details of the terms, conditions, limits and exclusions please refer to the policy wording and summary of changes below.

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Click here to view a summary of changes