COVID-19 and Premium Affordability

We understand that the financial situation for some customers may have changed recently due to economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our billing will continue as normal as will our regular credit control processes however, if you are experiencing financial hardship, there are some ways to potentially reduce your insurance premium and improve affordability

  • Level of cover
    Review your insurance policies and make sure the level of cover that you have is appropriate. If you are reviewing your sums insured, please make sure the sum insured amount is accurate to ensure you remain fully covered.
  • Voluntary excess
    Depending on your situation and the type of policy you have, you may be able to elect a higher voluntary excess which may reduce premiums. (You can then reduce your excess again later, if your situation changes.)
  • Payment frequency
    We have two premium payment options - Monthly Direct Debit and Annual Payment. If you have an upcoming annual renewal, you do have the option to change to Monthly Direct Debit upon renewal, which would spread the cost.

If your financial situation has changed please feel free to contact us for assistance and we can discuss your options. Insurance is important and our team is here to help.

For further information in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, please click here.