Got a claim - Here are some tips

When something doesn't quite go to plan, it's important to remember a few key tips.

1. People first
Your safety is the most important thing to remember so make sure you and your family are okay before doing anything else.

2. Make your property secure
Do whatever you can do in order to secure the premises and make it safe.

3. Contact us as soon as possible
The sooner you can contact us, the sooner the insurer can provide assistance. For example, they may be able to arrange repairs to be done more quickly, or able to get you into temporary accomodation. 

4. Try to minimise any damage
Do what you can to prevent any further damage from taking place. Examples include boarding up windows or removing water damaged property. Try not to throw anything away, but if you have to do this, then make sure to take photographs first.

5. Take photographs
Photograph any damage or other evidence. If you're in a motor collision, it's a good idea to take photos before vehicles are moved but only if it is safe to do so. 

6. Don't admit liability
Talk to us or the insurer before admitting liability or entering into a settlement agreement.